This will be a short post, as Greg and I are both heavily involved in construction of different portions of the MI website.  But I’d say we’re making pretty decent progress, thanks to the wonderful organization and ease of use of WordPress.


Greg’s been working on his site, Mightor Publications.  He, too, has chosen to use WordPress and appears to be well on his way to getting something together probably within the next week or so, if not sooner.  Visit the forums or stay tuned, as we’ll be mentioning the re-debut of Mightor Publications, a subsidiary of Mightor Industries.


Looks like we’ll be ready to debut the new version of the forum by the weekend.  Ive spent the last couple of evenings seriously plowing through the import of the existing data on the forum, as well as learning some of the in’s and out’s of the new software.  One word: Impressive.  This new forum software, SimplePress, will give us exactly what we’ve been looking for.  One of the features I’ve personally been looking for is to be able to tie in comments from the main site into the forum and vice versa, and SimplePress gives us that.  Once the new forum is in place, you’ll also notice a link at the bottom of the page to SimplePress.  I figure it’s the least I can do for all of the work they’ve put in to helping us out with the import.


Assuming all goes well with the remainder of our testing, Friday night we’ll make the conversion.  By Saturday morning, you’ll be able to access the new forum directly from the WordPress website.  Also at that time, we will enable registrations on the site, so you can become a member directly from the front page.


I’m also working on some new posts for next week.  The wonderful thing about technology is that it’s always changing, so there’s plenty to write about.