If you’ve ever been to our site, one of the features of our site (at least since 2006) has been the web forums.  You can visit the forums by clicking on either of the menu’s displayed on the page (one at the top and another on the sidebar) or simply go to http://www.mightorindustries.net/forum.  There, you will find quite a collection of different topics, mostly related to technology.  We discuss computer hardware and software, programming, gaming, general technology (newly added), as well as things unrelated to technology, such as what we’re doing with our cars or even completely unrelated topics.  While you do not have to be a registered member to view existing posts, we do require that you be a registered member in order to contribute.  By registering, we will also send you occasional updates about whats happening in the forum (Before you freak out over another site blasting your email with updates, like Facebook, I think Ive only ever sent out maybe 2 emails to our users).


Stop by and feel free to take a look around.  If you feel so inclined after rooting around for a few minutes, let us know if you have suggestions, complaints, or overall comments related to anything on either the main site, the sub sites, or anything in between.  We welcome your comments.